Stability but not Europe

Did you read the Wall Street Journal Europe interview with Sullivan?

It must have taken about 3 minutes to do but in the final sentence he actually says something interesting.
“… if I can bring in a billionaire investor or an Arabian prince to take West
Ham into Europe—I'd be happy to step down."

What he is saying is, what we all were quite certain of but haven't heard from the owners until now, that he does not believe he is able to do that himself.

On the other hand, in another interview he promises that he is not here just to sell on to a Russian oligarch in 5 years.
Crystal clear then - carry on!


Michael Perukangas said...

Even as a non-English Hammer, I would rather take a upper mid-table security for granted as an annual struggle for the coveted
6th or 7th place for the so called Europe League, a plague of an excuse for no Champions League which consumes our players out-of-shape in the Prem. So, I fancy for a 7th or 8th place certainty, or in my dreams where a club like Chelsea are now but with commitment of the owners.

Prince H said...

Perhaps he want that Arabian Prince to step in from now and until the fifth year, but not after 5 years. Cause then he may be too old to use all the money he will get??

Joppe - said...

Welcome Michael, I know what you mean and I agree, but the players want to play in the European cups - thats the problem...

A tightly run ship at these troubled financial times may well be rewarded in the next few years.
I'll be back with my thoughts on this in a while.

Farbror the Guru said...

I assume "step down" is New Speach for: "Take any small profit and run?"

So far, I am not impressed by Bare Skin and Cheap Thrills Inc. To start finger pointing at the icelanders and in the same breath hinting at signing a 100 000GBP/week player rumored to be Johannes Martinus "Ruud" van Nistelroo─│ is just weird. Very much like re-inventing the wheel but adding a few cornors to the final product for the fun of it.

Joppe - said...

I'm with you Farbror as you might have guessed by my last post. I think the Davids are very cost-efficient in their thinking usually and this may be written down as a momentary lapse of reason. Their strong point isn't media contact either...

Allan said...

Why not lighten up - I watched Sky 1 Soccer AM today!

Feel much better seeing Ray Winston going through his paces. The Joke advert of Send us your Gold - (Money) played by David Gold and we'll send a share in WHFC was a ribber. At the end the Hammerets came on and danced for Ray - just great fun - even his 8 year old daughter enjoyed it.

Keep your chins up - good times comming soon.

Joppe - said...

Allan I'll try but my grumpiness is not easily shed

Allan said...

Joppe its hard not being grumpy when your a Hammer it kind of goes with our crazy bubbly club.

Odd how Portsmouth are keeping their chins up today. Bit worrying for when they play us.

Lets have some more funny statments from the the 2 Davids & Karren, I'm hoping they no what their up to because not many of us do!