And the bad taste prize goes to...

Last night, when my brain had long been in standby mode and I had clicked almost every conceivable link in the West Ham universe, I found myself looking at the site of David Gold.

It starts with David in his favourite pose - arms folded and the Cartier showing.

Below the picture his current positions are listed and starts out with "Chairman and co-owner of Birmingham city football club".
What did I miss? Does one of Britain's most successful businessmen not have a person updating his own internet site?

Now you may be asking how I came to the conclusion that he is one of Britain's most successful businessmen?
Easy, it says so on his site! And even gives us a humble background as the text on the homepage starts:
From beginnings of extreme poverty, shrugging aside numerous setbacks along the way, David Gold is now one of Britain's most successful businessmen.
He then decides to elaborate on the subject:

Brought up in the East End of London, David started out helping his
mother sell buttons from a stall outside their house. Moving indoors they then converted their front room into a card and sweet shop. From there, he went on to run a bookstore in Charing Cross, and before long branched out into publishing, printing and distribution.
Now David knows how to enthrall his readers right from the start doesn't he?

The site is basically a collection of links to articles about him in different magazines - articles that I have still to read - and a "profile page" where you'll find everything you already know about him. Well, the last was not entirely true as the size of his mansion in Surrey, 55 acres as it turns out, had previously eluded me.
When looking at the cover pics on the magazines a weird thing strikes me. He either has a watch on both wrists or all pics are taken from the same angle and "flipped over" when they want a picture of his other side.
I need to get a life...

A word of warning may be in place though. Those of you not into sites based on total self-glorification may find little of use in this cyber-shrine, and may also want to pass on the opportunity to get your own 1st edition signed copy of his autobiography.


Farbror the Guru said...

Uhu, I thought you said four books ordered? I do not recall this fine title to be on your list!

Farbror the Guru said...

....and the URL to that fine product needs an XXX rating based on the additional products offered att the site.

Hello Mr IT Department Safety Officer!

Joppe - said...

We're trying to embrace our future... ;-)