Little Italy

As everyone else I was dumbfolded by the Cellino stuff, and I have no idea if it’s the biggest scam around (a daunting task for any rumour) or the real deal.
Stories in Corriere dello Sport, la Repubblica, and Tuttomercato (that started all this), as well as the English ripoffs of these articles, says that Cellino is actually ready to bid and that he wants it done fast.
But I’ll leave that for now as there are just too many uncertanties, time will tell. I’ll also leave it to them to tell you about the Zola/Cellino connections if you haven’t heard about those already.

But let’s just toy with the idea that he comes in and have approximately the same financial muscle as, for instance, G&S.

Would it be to West Hams advantage to have an Italian owner?

I’m certainly not a xenophobic in the sense that I think that Brittish football should be left to be handled by Brittish managers and coaches. On the contrary, the imput of new ways of thinking and playing football has certainly been a major factor in developing the PL to have three teams in the last four in the Champions league last year. But I’d say it has been the successful mix of players and coaches with different background that has made that possible (and borrowed money of course). That is also one of the reasons that I was pleased when Clarke (and Keen) was appointed first team coach.

I think we have already seen some of the dissadvantages of focusing the attention in one direction. Gianluca Nani and Zola seem to have their binoculars pointed in much the same direction, giving us Diamanti, Behrami, Da Costa and Franco, but also Jimenez, DiMichele, Tristan and Savio. There is nothing strange with this! People will use their trusted contacts when doing business and with a background in Italy it’s only natural that you have those there. With an Italian owner we may not get the needed tug in another direction.
On the other hand, I’d rather have a Zola at the helm in a team where he has the trust of the owner. G&S for instance may not see Zola as the answer to our problems.
Do I? No I don’t see him as being a successful manager in a low budget team needing to play according to their limited recourses, but I’d love to see him given the economic chance to fulfil his dream. Preferrably with us.

The opposite is also scary! English owners known for their conservative view on football and an English manager with limited funds going after overprised English players and surrounding him with Academy.


Anonymous said...

hi there i'm a cagliari support the cellino team....well i can tell u that he has not got the money to make west ham a big team in epl....cagliari always fight for relegation ...he never has invested big money for cagliari....but has done well in last few years with cagliari discovering young good players....anyhow....the rumors are that behind this bid....there is flavio briatore....and the rumors in italy are very strong...guys i hope for west ham really that the bid from tony fernadez will be the winning one....roberto

Joppe - said...

Hi Roberto!
Thanks for commenting, my knowledge about Cellino is close to zero so your input is very appreciated!

Anonymous said...

hi Joppe

the scary things according to an italian website....calciomercato.com
seems that deal is done.....lets hope that's all rubbish.....roberto

Joppe - said...

Roberto, how trustworthy is that site?
I have a hard time thinking it could have been done that quick.

Anonymous said...

well you never know about those site..sometimes they are right sometimes they are not.....the thing is that all the football websites and even gazzetta dello sport are pretty sure that deal is close to conclusion and today may we have the announce....i'm stunned

Anonymous said...

I think most hammers supporters want TF or Intermarket if more was known about them. However if Zola is happy that Massimo will deliver and stabilise the club then that view has to have merit. The Tony Carr production line of players makes WH an attractive propesition for an owner with an interest in a foreign league and this could work to our detrement

Joppe - said...

if more was known... that's the catch init? Or do you have the inside?

Prince H said...

I doubt very much that Cellino has been able to close this even before TF came to London. And he is on his way right now....

Anonymous said...

Guys what West Ham means? i know the team is named after the district of Newham,...but does Ham mean anything? thanks.