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Fire sale in January? I don't think so.

There is a widespread fear among the fans that there will be a big sale of talent during the transfer window. Zola has repeated the words of the board, that the squad needs to be trimmed to cut the wage bill and also if a new player is to be signed, players must be sold to facilitate this.

The scary view is of course that the owner is selling our best players as some sort of asset stripping. But that doesn't make sense does it?

In our present situation we cannot gamble on reducing the quality of the team.
Nothing would be more devastating to the Clubs economy than being relegated.
Even the risk of being relegated can be very costly to our owner, especially if he - like a lot of people (me included) think - is trying to sell the club

So, if the sale of players is for economic reasons, I can't see that we under the present conditions can even consider selling players we may need to stay up!
In a way, if we were performing great at the moment, the risk of the Club selling players the fans would like to keep would be much greater!

In a series of posts the writers of Bubbleview will present their individual thoughts of who will stay and who may go.
Please stay tuned for the first - the defenders!

This post by Dicks and Joppe!


Hakan said...

I was under the impression that corporate policy dictated that Bubbleview (or at least Joppe) did not comment on transfer rumours. Great to see that this policy has now changed!

Joppe - said...

And right you are!
This is not about transfer rumours but a pseudo logically try to figure out who, if any will go!

hakan said...

Brilliant! Please label your posts on this subject "scientific analysis" to help me distinguish them from simple rumourmongering.