New shirt deal imminent

SBObet. If XL was quite (eh... ok, really) ugly on our shirts our new sponsors logo Sbobet looks like sh*t. 
SBObet is a betting company based in the Phillipines but work globaly. So we will have a huge ad on our shirts from a company who calls the game we love soccer. We will have a greedy company (with a lot of rumours of match fixing allegations) on our shirts that seems to be in the same mould as our owners. It will certainly not wash anyones hands. And not West Ham's. And by the way; it seems still quite difficult to open an account there... but that may of course change if they now tries to expand outside of Asia.

The deal that seems to been approved and sealed, according to many different sites today, looks - if the sources are correct - very decreased compared with the XL deal. It's an 18 month deal that will give the club about 2 millions GBP, compared with 2.5 millions a year with XL. 
The SBObet-logo can be on the shirts already in the game against Ports...
I'm happy we recieve some money, but the SBObet is not particularly good. It seems that the board were a bit (eh...very) desperate... waiting for offers not to come. 

And I can't figure out why we - for so many games - played with those "house numbers" on the front instead of listening to the will of the club's fans, having the Bobby Moore fund for cancer research on the West Ham shirts at least until any sponsor deal was made. It had been so much better for all: The club had sold many moore(!) shirts, they would have got some credit as a club listening to their fans, and the cancer research would get some more money as well. 

I can understand that we really need some money coming our way now, I can fully understand that we do not make a deal with Dagenham Motors again, but it seems too often that the board lacks a bit of feeling for what's good for the club and it's important collaboration with their fans and the rest of the world.

I am pleased to have Zole here though ;-)

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Joppe - said...

Could it be two brands that noone wants to be associated with at the moment finally found each other?