Can it be true??

Do you know the folktale about the shepard who shouted "Wolves" (not the football club, the real ones) but each time he fooled his mates.  So when the wolf finally came, noone believed him...  
Now WHUFC.com has shouted one thing that we all can doubt, as we've heard it before. But if it's true - it will hopefully make our opponents shiver a bit:  Cause according to them Kieron Dyer has resumed full training! After 15 months on the sidelines and or in hospital and rehabilitation centres.. he'll have a go. We can't do anything but wish him all the luck! If he can reach some of his earlier hights in - let's say 3 months from now, without new injuries - it can be what we need to avoid the drop! (which I am far too optimistic would be possible anyway...)

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