Joppe the Grouch - Othello style?

When reading newspaper articles and blog entries one often finds that it's just a new take on something already written, and I don't mean the generic articles based on news agency material.

Quite often I find that the first time I read it was on the lading West Ham site/forum - KUMB.

This could mean that the posters on KUMB gets information soon to be unveiled in other media on before hand, or it could be that the so called authors of these newspaper articles have found an easy way to get information. KUMB is never more than a click away. A coming Bubbleview post on potential buyers will be one good example.

I think we can agree that most people that are really interested in what people say about West Ham, would check out KUMB.

Do you think that the group at West Ham responsible for the information flow to the press and the fans are interested in what people say about West Ham, and do you think that they are any different than other interested parties? I thought not.
Ergo, West Ham press people are looking to KUMB, as one source, to find out what is going on out there and to check which rumors are flying - and which are not!

Now let's take this argumentation one step further. If you were to do a multi million pound business, would you not only know but even like to influence what is said?

OK, how would you do that?
You could post a statement by Duxbury on the official site (or let him send an e-mail to all employees...) or you could send out a spokesperson to talk to the press). These ways have the drawbacks of all official statements- we know this is only what the Club or owner wants us to know.
Another common "trick" is to drop some information on the doorstep of a "trusted" journo that usually writes a piece on what you throw at him - it serves a purpose for both parties.

Yet another way would be to feed someone at strategical places, maybe someone considered to be ITK . However, a more direct way would be to actually plant a story by posting a hint at the appropriate forum. Are they that shrewd or am I just paranoid?

Can you really be sure I'm just paranoid?

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