Italian U-21 international wants loan deal = West Ham the obvious destination?

Sebastian Giovinco, 21 year old Italian U-21 international, currently at Juventus, is said to want to go on loan to get some more playing time.
This obviously alerts the press (and some blogs), and as he has played for Zola in the Italian U-21s, and said to rate Zolas advice as “invaluable”, the connection to West Ham is inevitable.

Being an attacking midfielder he plays in a position where we are in a close to desperate need, which obviously fuels the rumors further.
Another fact that may make this rumor more believable than others, is the loan del concept. We will not buy a player this January that can significantly bolster our squad, but to get one on loan may be a possibility.
This may be especially reasonable if we are about to dislodge some of the midfielders during the coming transfer window, and I fear we might.

Not being much of a fan of Italian football I must say I have no first hand information about his abilities, and it may be a hard time to find games to gamble on an unproven player, but if Zola says he is OK I won’t argue.


Joppe - said...

I know, I said I wouldn't comment on transfer rumours quite yet. But this is a special one

Hakan said...

Thanks, Joppe. As a bona fide transfer muppet, I'm mighty pleased.

Prince H said...

I think we'll have him! Not mainly becuase of his football skill. Just becuase it will make Sears' and Hines' and Bellamy's confidence grow. Why? Our tiny players will all look down at Giovinco. He's just 1.64. Guess it will suite Zola (1.66) as well!

Hakan said...

Maybe Zola should also move for Aaron Lennon (1,65) and Shaun Wright-Phillips (1,66) in January.

Hakan said...

I saw him play the last 15 minutes against Zenith in the CL last night, but that wasn't enough to form an opinion. In fact, I hardly noticed him.