More waiting, more uncertainty!

Today a verdict on whether the Sheffield attempt to stop West Ham from appealing to CAS was to be presented.
However, according to BBC, the Judge in charge of the hearing, Mr Justice Teare, will consider the evidence presented by the parties and will hand down a judgement at some time before Christmas.

The interesting thing is that this can be settled allready in November when CAS is due to present their own view on if this is a question were they think they have jurisdiction.
Have I lost you yet? Can’t blame you if I have, see the summary below.

Also expected today was the release of the reasons behind the Arbitration Panels conclusion on the Tevez matter (see previous posts labeled CAS). This would obviously have an impact on whether CAS wants to handle this issue or not. I’m confused about whether this ruling is also due “before Christmas” and if that is the case I can't see CAS wanting to jump to any conclusions.

In parallel to the CAS and High Court considerations, separate hearings will now take place were the guidelines for how to determine the damages that should be awarded Sheffield, if they end up winning all this. Representatives from the clubs as well as the 3 original members (OG’s?) from the arbitration panel will be involved in these hearings.

To sum it up: CAS will say if they want to handle the feud between West Ham and Sheffield over the Tevez deal by end of November, but even if they want to, we will still have to wait until some time before Christmas before the High Court will say that it’s OK for CAS to have a go at it.
In the meantime another group will set up the rules for how to determine how much money West Ham should pay Sheffield, if it comes to that.

This is good news in the sense that it's by no means clear that Sheffield have won this latest fight, however, it also keeps us in limbo land and I doubt that any Club buyers would like to have a £50 million uncertainty to come with the purchase.
I was hoping that today's hearing would give some kind of hint on were this was going.

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