The past back to haunt us?

It’s time to meet another Ferdinand on away trips.

It was weird when Rio left, to see him in strange colours (is white a colour?). Maybe I have gotten used to it by now, or maybe I don’t see Anton as that priced asset as I did Rio (I think it’s the latter) but to see Anton in stripes doesn’t feel as strange to me.

It’s obvious a bit special for Anton, being a Hammer since childhood, and he will surely be fired up for this one, and so will McCartney, as all players meeting their last team for the first time.

So Cole and Anton will face each other, one knowing the tricks and weaknesses of the other.
I figure that may work to our advantage since I really don’t think Carlton has that many tricks to hide and most center halfs (and midfielders to for that matter) already know how to take the ball away from him, so there will be nothing new compared to meeting other teams.

Bellamy is as new for Anton as for most other CB in the premiereship, many know him and many have trained with him so there isn’t really any secret weapons in his arsenal either that Anton would know of.

Maybe they both could keep a close look on Antons eyes, waiting for them to glace over and then taking advantage of his intermittent naps?
If Anton plays the way he did for us for most of last season, we have a good chance to score.

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