Both Alan's without work!

So it's closing time.... not for us, but for our former manager Alan Pardew, who tonight was sacked from Charlton, a team without a win in eight games. So may our old Charlton man Curbs make a come back in the Championship team? Nah, don't think so. The team is in a mess, and may be one of the biggest contenders for a place in next years league one - no matter who will be their new manager. 
Alan Pardew had a good spell with West Ham. To start with. And we will thank him for that. But before he got sacked by our Islandic board he had lost the dressing room, had - according to rumours - been a little too close to a wife of a player. But for me his biggest mistake was - handcuffed or not - to play Mullins instead of Mascherano. A mistake the new Alan continued.
Anyway good luck to both of our former managers, they do both have to find a new job now. 

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