Appiah times ahead?

West Ham will send someone to look how the golden midfielder and free agent Stephen Appiah will do on Wednesday, when The Black stars will play Tunisia. 

At least that means we would be able to buy him, if not why would we send a scout? According to reports Newcastle and Boro will have people down there too. But if they are the only interested, we might have a chance to get him! 
They are not rich clubs either, and Appiah already knows Nani since his time in Italy. One of Appiahs closest friends Michel Essien (the injured Chelsea guy, u know?? ) is also living in London. Do we lack something (well, I know we lack a lot, but....) it's a strong man in the middle of the park who can score and who can conduct the rest of the team. At least Appiah has been such a man before. Let's see if our man have a contract signed when he flies home on Thursday?! A bit optimistic maybe, but certainly the sort of player we really could need! (and after we lost Freddie: another one for the ladies!)


Hakan said...

I think one reason why West Ham might be able to afford him is that Appiah is a free agent. At his best he was very good. Let's hope he isn't past it.

Joppe - said...

A heard 'Arry was to court him too.