Bellamy and Sears who needs who?

When Freddie Sears this summer named Bellamy as a father-figure I think most of us jumped more than a bit.
I mean we're talking Craig Bellamy here, a player as much like a father as a hand-grenade with the safety pin out!

But now we see Craig Bellamy spur his team on, giving the passers the thumbs up, his players a tap on the back and an encouraging smile and I think there is no doubt about who is in charge on the pitch.

Neill may be the official Captain, but he doesn't show the passion that Bellamy does. The slight uncertainty about Neills starting spot and overall performance is also less than optimal for a team captain and undoubtedly undermines his position on the pitch.

I remember Bellamys first substitute appearance this season when it took him about one minute to give Cole, a certain team starter the last 2 seasons, instructions on how to play his game!
That in it self may only say something about Craig, but the look on Coles face was that of a corrected academy player, and that says something about Bellamys position in the team.
When he signed for us he said that he wanted to become a West Ham legend and I believe he actually does and I think he is prepared to work hard for it to happen.

Since his last comeback from injury his match fitness has steadily improved and he can keep up his very tiring kind of a game further and further into the game.
Against 'boro he gradually faded over the last 20 minutes or so, giving them a chance to build their attack under less pressure. But that should not be taken as something negative, rather a sign of his importance in the defence as well as in attack.

And Sears, does he need Craig as his mentor?
I'm not sure, but I do think young Sears is a very positive influence on Bellamy!
When singled out by a prodigy as someone he looks to for guidance, Bellamy must feel at least some pressure to behave as a role model.

Bellamy is still disputing most every call the referee does, and his flying tackles is an integral part of his game that I really want him to keep, but hopefully the total loss of self control, that has previously been something of a Bellamy trade-mark, will be fewer than before.

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