What do we prefer??

I think we need to stay positive with "just" one point today.

So do we prefer 0-0, 1-1 or 2-2? After embarrasing 22 games without a cleen sheet I would certainly go for 0-0. I think we need to get some confidence back at the back. Collins need to gel, and feel certain to start. Faubert, if playing, needs to show he can do a decent match.
I guess Green feels that his back four falls to far, gets in his lap. And will be a bit uncertain how to react sometimes. So 0-0 is boring maybe, but good for all.

But if Sears could be a "point-winner", makin 1-1 in the 87:th or something?
That would build his confidence and let us all see that we don't have to rely on Ashton/Cole...
Well, if we have 0-2 and we let Tristan in from the bench and he scores two! That would not be bad either, would it?? A kick-start that everybody would speak about for a long, long time... (Di Michele did not turn his first day success to something permanent though).

In any case I would go for 0-0!
But that will of course change any minute 'boro scores. But that will not happen today!

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