Samson and Denial

Samson, the holding company used by Björgolfur Guðmundsson to purchase West Ham has been under voluntary administration for some time but today the application for an extension of this administration was contested by the German Commerzbank.

The consequence of the administration was that as long as it was on, no one could claim whatever assets were still in Samson.
Now, however, when the administrative protection is lifted, the sale of Samson assets (us for example) can be forced by the beneficiaries, who are now trying to reclaim some of the 23 billions in loans that are upset.

In plain language: The company through which BG owns us is just about to go bankrupt and will probably be forced to sell West Ham, to pay back some of the money it owes!

Now, the last word is not yet said about this since all the intricacies of the ownership of the club is still to be unfolded. There could still be some ingenious way that let's BG hold on to the club.

Are there any risk that the Club will be stripped and its priced assets sold?

Without knowing much about how these things work, I doubt that there are any financial gains to be made by doing so.
Anyone that owns us knows that the price of a club doomed for the gloom of the championship would be so much lower than one still in the EPL, and can not be compensated by the sale of a few players during the January transfer window.

What I fear in my worst night mares is that the real estate now owned by the Club is something that could be stripped from us,

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