Sheffield will get nothing! (At least not until mid-March)

First a small recapitulation on the basics of this never ending story:
A Tribunal, also called “Football Association Arbitration Hearing”, headed by Lord Griffiths, ruled that West Ham were to compensate Sheffield for using Carlos Tevez even though he was owned by a third party during the 06/07 campaign. (Please don’t get on my back for the simplification)

Now, at a directors hearing yesterday it was concluded that the process of determining the amount of this compensation, should start. This new group made up by the original members of the tribunal plus and representatives for the clubs, are to present a conclusion, or a verdict if you wish, in mid-March.

How this is to proceed and undertaken is still unsettled and are to be discussed by the clubs.

One of the things that did come out of this hearing was that West Ham are awarded the right to go through the books of Sheffield United. This of course to enable West Ham to challenge the claim of £30 or £50 million pounds Sheffield has presented.

Thanks to "Bml04" on the KUMB forum for turning my attention to the article!


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