Keep your Cole!

There is a rumour that Carlton Cole is about to sign a new (and improved) 4 year deal and it got me all wound up so I just couldn’t wait for it to be confirmed or denied.

This is a HUGE boost for me as a supporter, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

This is the first sign of planning for the future we’ve seen since the signing of Behrami, or at least since the financial circus started!
Zola and the board have repeatedly said that Zola is not forced to sell during the transfer window (unless to finance another player) but there have been a lot of sweet words from board members and in official statements that have been less than trustworthy, so this proof of putting money where their mouth is is very welcome (remember, IF TRUE)!.

Cole is one of the “sellables”. We could probably make some money on his departure if we were in desperate need. So this is not just about Cole, it indicates that the dreaded exodus is as unfounded as I thought/hoped it was.

I’ve said before that it wouldn’t make sense to sell the players necessary to stay up, since this would make the price of the club shrink to pre-Brown levels, and that must be our owner, BG’s, worst nightmare.

But, again, this is the first sign that the board is actually doing what they have promised to do and I feel a slight hope for the future bud inside me.
EDIT: According to the official home page its a 5 year deal but not yet signed.


Prince H said...

I'ts very important for a team to have a backbone, something that we've been missing for some years. And it's good to build one with pretty young players. Cole is still young. And will still improve. So this is a good stroke. Green. Upson/Collins, and Parker/Noble or even Appiah? would be vertebras for me as well.

Joppe - said...

You are right.
Cole is still young. I tend to forget that, and merely focus on the fact that he has had more chances in a PL -team than anybody else with his (for a first pick striker) low scoring record.
Let's hope he develops some more!

Hakan said...

And hopefully Ashton will be a long-term part of the spine.

Prince H said...

And Collison which I tend to forget.
I do really hope well get Appiah, but that may stop the development of Collison a bit....