10 reasons to stop buying a paper

It seems as it is the fad of the day in the media world to hail West Ham in general and Zola in particular. I guess that after spending a few months on telling everybody we were a doomed team on it's way to the Championship it feels like a fresh turn and a story with an alternative "hook".
I agree that complaining even over positive signs takes almost a PhD in grumpiness but I can’t help myself.

The latest lazy example is the piece in the Evening Standard that gives the not so educated reader an impression of an easily digested opportunity to fill in some gaps.
According to this investigative reporter there are 10 reasons to be happy that you are a West Ham supporter. Those are, according to the article, Carlton Cole, Zola, Clarke, Collins and Upson, Bellamy, youngsters, summer signings, Green Parker, and current form (as if it was not due to the points above…).
The article reiterates what has been said on most if not all West Ham related sites for quite some time but unfortunately in a less than initiated way, for instance saying that DiMichele fitted in seamlessly and “is acting as the team's creative fulcrum” – give me a break.

"... with the little Italian at the helm they've certainly shed their dislikable image" - I hate that celebrity column like condescending "little Italian" and what dislikable image? He ends up the part on Zola with an exhaustive 3 words on what he has brought to our side.

The part on Clark focuses on the problems at Chelski after he left...

Another part that annoyed me somewhat is that on the youngsters. Half of it talks about the golden “generation” of Rio, Joe Cole, Lampard, Carrick, and Defoe. When finally getting to the new boys Collison, Tomkins and Sears he sums up the pice with “…as long as they can hold on to them the future looks bright”, that’s give me a break number two.

Then he suggests that the work of Scott Parker often goes without praise...

I don't care if they suddenly like us, the article is rubbish


Farbror the Guru said...

Hail Grumpiness!

The International federation of Grumpy Geezers are proud to nominate "Joppe" for the Grey Worn Slipper Award. This post is a most appreciated "stomach-ache-esque" achievement of the magnitude sought an appreciated by the hard-to-please federation.

Prince H said...

Happy days are here again ;-D

Joppe - said...

I'm behumbled (is that a word?) by the praise.

This inspires me to write a similar piece on the articles on the theme "Savio (yes, the same Savio that was the incarnation of Zola according to most articles a week ago) may need some time to have a great impact on the PL".
The boy is 19 and played Serie B a few weeks ago...

Let's see if I can resist that temptation.

Prince H said...

Or: "What shall we do when all our top players will be injured, because we know that they will... sooner or later... or why not already against ManU"

Hakan said...

Congratulations on your second PhD.