Our hero is not ours - yet!


We can't be happy for the performance today.
With the exception of Hierta Ilunga and his goal that saved our asses.
His second goal in this years FA-cup. Great!

But there is still one problem:

Herita Ilunga has not signed yet!

He tells me so himself this weekend – even if he also want to make it clear: that he can't wait to sign for "this fantastic club".

But according to Duxbury (at whufc.com the second of Feb) West Ham has "excercised the option to keep Herita Ilunga at the club long-term".

So there is one who is not telling us the truth here!!

And we know that Herita Ilunga is a decent man – who is not only one of our best players week in and week out. There would be of no use for him to tell me something that was not correct in this matter.

So MR CEO Scott Duxbury, I'm asking you!
• Why are you in this case telling us a lie? If not, can you explain what you mean?
• And why on earth haven't you finished this important affair? Why haven't you given Ilunga what he so much deserves?
....It's these kind of things that give me creeps and that I had - a bit naive maybe - thought was over in our reign.
• Can this still give other teams an opportunity to solve their left-back crises? (hopefully this article won't help them).
• And if you Mr Duxbury is not totally truthful in this case, can we rely on You in other matters?
• Can you please explain what's goin on?

And once again: Thank you Mr Ilunga for your great contributions! I hope to see them in Claret & blue this season, next season and many years from now!
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Joppe - said...

Great Job!
I knew something was odd about this!
Zola is under the impression that he is under a 4.5 year contract though...

"He has signed a contract for four-and-half years so he will be with us for a long time," Zola said. "I don't think there are many left-backs playing as well he is."