Real Ity

I was very impressed the day we bought Faubert. It looked very promising. And to see those thighs thick as logs from a virgin forest, see those crosses, and to see those goals on youtube made me drawl. (Hm. Just want to make it clear: this is not a beginning of a homoerotic piece... ) 

But youtube is not reality. The days at Upton Park has not been fun for Faubert. It looked like he never was to make it. Maybe one good cross in each game, and seldem a part of the team. Always somewhere else, running for himself. So we understood that he was to leave us. But to Real Madrid? Now we can see Alfredo Di Stefano (right) give the Real Madrid shirt to Julien Faubert. And I do still wonder: Is this reality? I got to look at the picture once more. Do it yourself!

Maybe the Spanish giants see that deep under his English failure, there is a player with potential. Maybe they have watched youtube! The old clips!

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