The boat of Chelski rocks - stay calm!

So the window has just been closed for a week, and we thought we finally could stop to sweat when new speculations rise. This time it's not the players we have to worry about, it's our soul... sorry, Zola. And Clarke.
This monday Scolari was sacked, after just seven months in charge at Chelski. And as a parenthesis Adams was sacked as well at Pompey. 
Very few managers in the game looks happy nowadays. With one exception: Franco Zola!
So everyone can put two and two together. Zola was a hero at Chelsea, and now he seems to be a young, new... but anyway, top manager. Chelsea needs a new manager and West Ham is a selling club. Aren't we?
No, not anymore I would say. Zola will stay put, I don't doubt that. He has said so himself, and he seems seriously to be a man of his words. He has just started here, have unfinished business, and it would be obvious problems to restart with the Chelski not-so-humble-boys. It would be strange to hear Zola and Nani to assure there will be no big sell-out in the January window, just to see Zola leave the week after. And strange to see Clarke buy himself out of the Chelski contract, and then go back. Well, we've seen those things before, but that sorts of thing often include Harry R. Not our man. So stay calm! 
But it would not hurt if there would be an official statement from Dux - rather sooner than later, please.

At the moment there are more intense rumours on the net about a new buyer to be unvield soon. It may be nothing, it may still be our future! And Zola's!

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