Let's score one for Chris!

ManU is a team I enjoy watching. Actually my all time best sports experience has ManU in a backup role. It's the 2-2 home game in August 2000. I feel sorry for all West Ham supporters that missed that one!

It takes a team effort beyond the call of duty to get something out of Sundays game. A week ago we were helped by a toothless Arse attack but we will not get away with giving the ball away in the center of the pitch against this team.

I feel strengthened by the words of our defensive mastermind Clarke after last weeks game "I am a little bit disappointed if I can be honest that we didn't create enough going forward". That's exactly the attitude I want in a leadership and in the players as well. We go out on that pitch to play our game, not only to parry the opposition. Clarke says it all much better HERE. The way we fielded Savio at the expense of Noble in the 70's something minute with 0-0 on the scoreboard at Emirates says a lot about the "mindset" of the manager(s). This mindset will serve us well and it will guarantee a good game on Sunday.

Parker along with Upson and Collins will be key players in this game. If Parker ends up to close to the defence, letting Carrick and his mates (?) run the show centrally we are doomed. Against Arsenal Parker showed that he can resist the urge to rush down to defend and as a consequence our entire team looked a lot better.
Behrami also has a key role. Not only does he have to pester the red play makers with his tireless running, he must also be there for Neill. I fear this will be a game where Neill will struggle.
Collison must be at his best, and especially avoid the howlers he produces once in a while. He is young, and most young players are guilty of those things (Joe Cole was a defensive catastrophe some times while in our midfield) but Sunday we will meet a team that knows how to capitalize on it.
Obviously Green will be extremely important. My guess is that he has to perform some match winning stuff.
Last but not least, Cole with his newborn confidence will have to be efficient. We will not get many chances but we will get them, so please just put them away.
Unfortunately this will be another game that will not suit DiMichele. He doesn't have the speed or the stunning technique to produce chances on his own. Come to think of it Sears may be a better pick in this game, but that will not happen.

Hey I almost forgot my bet for MOTM - Ilunga given he runs and not jogs home (how many times have I said this?). He will be the initiator of some of our best attacks.

The papers are full of discussions if ManU goal keeper Van der Saar is close to breaking Chris Woods clean sheet record or not. Most of the time I couldn't care less but suddenly I feel that it's of vital importance that Woods keeps his record.

1-0, Collins 74' (stunning header).


Wes said...

Thanks for stopping by. I follow your blog avidly.

manutd24 said...

West ham will now doubt be a tough test for us but I still think we will win!

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