Zola to stay!

Sorry about the headline, but I'm as sure of this as if it was a joint official statement from both clubs.

1. It makes no sense for Zola
The job at Chelski is different from the one at West Ham. Their squad is filled with high earners that think they are on the top of the footballing world and at the peak of their career. To manage that kind of a "brat pack" is a different story also compared to Zolas previous experience with U-21 players. I think Zola really enjoys the prospect of building something here and working with the promising players in our team. Also, if he proves himself a great manager over a period of time the chance will come again.

2. It makes no sense for Chelski
They need to turn their ship around quick. There is no time for a new manager to grow into that job, they need someone that can come in and do that right away. Someone that the squad will accept as their leader. To bring in an unproven manager at this point is just too risky. Too much is at stake. To miss a champions league spot is the Abramovitch equivalent to go down.

If this happens again in a year or so I'll be worried, but at the moment I'm certain Zola will stay.

The chart is from the betting odds comparison (Zola – black, Grant – green, Hiddink – red, Rijkaard – blue). If you want to keep an eye on the development click HERE. But it seems like the betters/bookies are catching on.

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Hakan said...

OK, I'll try to stay calm.