3 English internationals in our team to face ManU!

The most talked about call-up is undoubtedly Carlton Coles. Zola has, as the good manager he is, talked about Cole being ready for the international scene while still improving. The other strikers in the England squad - Agbonlahor, Crouch and Heskey - have all "lost the bounce in their bungee" to quote my favourite philosopher Walace. Cole does in no way look out of place in that group. Actually, if Capello plays more than one striker I cannot see how he can start without him.

Green is another one about to grab and keep hold of an England starter spot. James is not in his best form and Hart does not have the support of his own manager and a goalkeeper that does not play regularly is very seldom a good pick in internationals.

Upson is the most certain starter. He seems to have the trust of Capello and that goal he scored against Germany must have been a great boost for him. If you want to see him glow with delight and confidence just take a look at the post Germany game interview HERE. I can't say how delighted I am over his comments of late that he enjoys his time and that money will never motivate him. And even though that last statement must be a bit of an exaggeration, he seems fairly honest when saying it.

To play Spain will be a great experience for all of them but since Cole seems to be a player that needs his confidence boosted a goal against Spain could take him to the next step up the ladder.


Hakan said...

With both Terry and Ferdinand available, I'm not so sure that Upson is a certain starter. Well worth a place in the squad though.

Joppe - said...

True, Capello may want to take one last look at Terry...

Prince H said...

ITK: I heard that Capello has told Ferdinand to rejoin with his old team if he wants to be a starter for England. It's obvious that you have to be with the very best to challenge for a place in the national squad castle.