Another slipped opportunity

In many ways it was a terrific game at Reebok stadium with a lot of speed, ,determination, excellent British fighting and some nice touches as well. But if your a West Ham fan it's hard to sit and enjoy a game for it's own sake. It's impossible really when you loose. 
I was at Upton Park with my 8 year old son for his first game, when we lost to Bolton 1-3 in October. Sorry for him, but I chered him up, we will never lose to them again, they are an average team and we will not conceed such silly goals against those B***s again. 
It was hard to see us let two in yesterday, another free-kick by Taylor and Green to far from the ball once again. Another "to-easy "by Davies who slipped between Upson and Spector to score. But even then, it didn't look like West Ham was to give away, as they have been doin so much during the years. They fought hard, had the ball, the opportunities and the ideas. But was just able to score once. Frustrating. I wonder what Tristan thought back at the bench. Noble had one golden opportunity and Di Michele two. Sometimes we fell into their trap and the game was just "hard fighting", the way Bolton loves to play. We can hardly beat them with their own play. 
We should have had points, and after this loss I hate to see that we have to look more downwards the table than upwards. Still: It was not a bad game by West ham. It was just that we lost to Bolton. Once more. Bolton of all teams....

Green 6.5 - Maybe at fault for the first a beautiful free-kick, where hw was really far away from the ball - but not the other. Made som good saves during the game without being to much tested.
Spector 6.5 - A stand-in for Neill and he surprised us. Played safe and non-spectacular. Had not played for such a long time but did it well. The second goal? Hard to say, maybe....
Collins 6 - Played just 20 minutes before his hamstring snapped. Was running everywhere before that, as if Upson was able to be CB on his own. Maybe he has stopped smoking? I'll miss him even if his substitute was excellent.
Upson 6.5 - Was up in some "ultimate fighting" against Kevin Davies and Davies was to often on top of him. The Boton man is not easy to deal with though, especially a day when he (but Upson) can't be booked.
Ilunga 7.5 - My man of the first half. Played very solid defensively, and created so much when he flicked great passes, did runs and had clever ideas how to deal with their defence. After his first great 45 may have loosen some - but not much - of the energy. Great game.
Behrami 6 - May have been still affected a bit by his injury as I sometimes wondered where he was. You don't usually question that with Behrami. Grew during the game.
Noble 7 - Was more involved in the game than lately. Mr hardworkingman. May lack some confidence still. Becuase why shouldn't he shoot when he was totally free?
Parker 8.5 - Man of the match. Not mainly because he scored, but more for his contribution during the game. He really wants to have it all, and was the man that were harder than all those Bolton-boys together. Missed some unnecessary passes late on. But: Great game!
Collison 6 - Nope, to slow to often. Looks like he wants to prove himself to much sometimes. It's better to look up! Does he need a rest?
Cole 7.5 - We were all surprised to see him on the field already. But happy. And I liked what he did. Fought hard took control of the ball - which was not always easy against Cahill. Had some chances but they were saved on their line.
Di Michele 6.5 - What to say? Liked his running a lot, rued of course his missed chances. At least the first one, I think he did most thing right when he fooled Jaskelainen, but people seems to think that his second chance was harder to miss. Even if he did these misses, I can see him settle he game against M'borough on Wednesday.

James Tomkins 7.5 - Hallo, wasn't we to miss Collins? Tomkins came in and played very, very well. happy to see that.
Savio 6 - Learn's the game. We can see that he really loves to play though. Gets involved.
Sears - Had a decent shot but nothing more during his few minutes. 

I should have tried Tristan against Bolton though..... And I wonder if Kovac is there just to be a substitute for Parker. Then he won't play much. I do want to see him in our shirt now actually.

Nonused: Lastuvka, Lopez, Kovac, Tristan.

Two more games in a week now, could you see Zola whine like Harry? No, of course you can't.

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