Congratulations CC!

Congratulations Carlton Cole!

So at last, I'm not the only one any longer! The only one that likes Carlton Cole I mean.  

Fabio Capello have given him a place in the England squad to face Spain on Wednesday.
This will give his confidence a(nother) boost. Maybe he can use it against Vidic/Ferdinand/Saar!

"Cole gets better and better in every game. His movement and strength impress me. When he is in front of goal he has to be calmer. Sometimes he is too fast and he wants to shoot to quickly. But he is young - he is interesting" Capello said about Cole according to goal.com.

Matthew Upson and Robert Green were also called, while there was no room for Scott Parker. Perhaps a bit strange after what he has done lately. And as there are no Gerrard or Lampard in the team. On the other hand, I'm a bit happy for his exclusion as well, his style can need a rest in midweeks... And there are no time for injuries....


Joppe - said...

2 persons - one thought!:)

Prince H said...

I read you comment and thought that you ment me and Capello, but then I saw that you also posted the Englandteam-comment. Guess that's what you ment? Or are you that funny??? :-D

Anyway I hope we both - and all Hamemrs - have a good laugh tomorrow!

Hakan said...

Full marks to Prince H for spotting the dramatic rise in Cole's form long before I did. He (Cole, that is) is probably worth a place in the squad.
But before we get too carried away we need to put his call-up into perspective. The competition is the weakest in living memory. Remember that Cole is not competing with Adebayor, Berbatov or Torres, and at the moment not even with Rooney or Ashton. His main rivals are Heskey, Crouch and eh...
Let's hope that this is a comment I will not regret later today.