Noble, Nobler, Noblest

Mark Noble, the home grown talent that broke into the first team at the age of 17, is still finding his legs in the PL. That doesn't mean that I think that our U-21 international is out of his depth here, but I think he has stagnated somewhat in his game.
Noble, I think, needs to be taken care of, nurtured and honed into the PL force he should be able to be.

The changes that has been in and around the team during this his early career, cannot have been the optimal situation for him. Three first team managers and a caretaker, not to mention the managers in the clubs he was loaned to, is not the stability I would like in an "upbringing".

The last 3 seasons have seen him play with NRC, Solano, Behrami, Dyer, Mullins, LBM, Faubert, Parker, Ljungberg, Spector, Benayoun, Etherington, Bowyer and Collison (did I forget someone?) just to list the midfielders. I don't know if that's an exceptional situation for a PL player, but stability it is not.

I was hoping that with the aid of Parker he would take that next step this season, but a new manager, the introduction of 433 (a system he went on record saying he didn't get), the "diamond", the testing of new boys Behrami and Faubert in different positions as well as the introduction of another youngster in the midfield, Collison, is not what builds a developing players feeling of security.
Some just grow in that kind of situation, seeing every new task as an opportunity, I have a feeling Mark may not. At least I think that when, if ever, the team will stabilize we will see a Mark Noble that will grow into a force to be reckoned with.

And there is still plenty of time for that, the boy is merely 21!


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Joppe - said...

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Farbror the Guru said...

That is Big Time Cool! Better than Alan Boston calling for a Sports Pick.