Terry Dixon - West Ham boy!

Terry Dixon, once a prodigy at White Hart Lane has signed a “long term contract” according to the OFFICIAL SITE.
Dixon, now 19, was called up for the Irish senior side at 16 (while still trying to establish himself at the T-ham academy!) and Republic of Ireland's Under-17 Player of the Year 2006, has been plagued with knee problems since the age of 14. A third dislocated knee (don’t worry, as most of us he only has 2) finally made T-ham release him about a year ago.
The official site makes a big deal of the fact that the medical team has resurrected a career that seemed over before it really took off. Let’s hope for Terry’s and our sake that the medical squad have found a way to keep him healthy.
I have never seen the kid play but he has been compared to his Rooney with a strong and technical game.
When people talk about him it’s always along the lines of “injury stopped a player destined to be not just a successful professional footballer but, potentially, a great one”.
Sean McCaffrey, Ireland’s under-age manager is said to describe him as the most talented player he has ever worked with at that age.

Let’s hope he gets an honest shot at proving himself at the PL level and that this is not another chapter of a sad football story!

EDIT: Read this post by a spuds fan HERE, truly encouraging!


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This was surely nice reading. From a Spurs fan!

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He had no knee brace on? Now that's good news!