He is ours!

So after the door closed and Sunderland now have three of our former defenders (as Davenport went to them on loan) we could expect a replacement for the parting Faubert. But Duxbury wanted to wait, so no Moon and no young FB from Romania. That may be right, but also makes me a bit worried. Our right hand side is our weakest, and having Spector as the only replacement for Neill, and Behrami which is a fantastic player but not born to lick the line, in front of him makes you wonder. 

Well at the same time a very happy thing happened. Herita Ilunga has been given his contract! Congratulations to him - but even more to us! No worries on the left then! It is 3,5 years!


Joe J said...

Behrami is without doubt 1 of our best players and you think he cant lick the line.... lmao

Joppe - said...

I think Behrami is not intended as line licker, as Prince H says. He works centrally a lot and must have Zola's blessing to do so. But I think he has shown lately that he is there for the right fullback for the defensive work. He even seem aware that he may be forced to cover for Neills lack of speed.

Prince H said...

Behrami intend to go more into the centre of the field, and I don't mind as our midfield works so well together. And as I posted, Behrami is in many ways a great player. But he is not - at least not yet - the player who put in crosses from the line. He runs in every direction, not just up and down. Well, I am not worried with Berhrami out there, even if he is not a right winger, but more of the way the right hand side work in full. I see a potential there to develop. Not with Neill though, and hardly Spector either. I guess we'll see some changes there during the summer.

Joppe - said...

And I think that is a wise thing to do. Not to panic, wait untill the summer and get it right.

Hakan said...

Congratulations on the way you negotiated the transfer window!
But now it's time to look forward and prepare for the Game-of-the-Season. I've started already: http://hakanrylander.wordpress.com/2009/02/03/clash-of-the-titans-ii/

Joppe - said...

Don't worry. As we speak we are creating a masterplan.
But first a transfer window roundup. Stay tuned!