Out of the Cup.

I couldn't see clearly as I saw the game on a streamer, but why was Curbishley in charge again??
We had very few ideas how to play and the only thing that kept the players together, gathered were that they all lacked confidence. It reminded me of the game against Tottenham in December, the last game we had where the team also lacked guts and ideas. So hopefully this loss is a new dawn... start this Sunday.
Well I doubt. As I hate to see thing totally in black and white I think we can change things again. But losing to Bolton and Middlesborough, the two most boring (not the worst though) teams in the PL drains my hope. Both games with two fast goals in the back. But all I can say; Middlesborough won because they were much better than us today!
As I saw the game on a streamer, it's unfair to rate the players. And I won't do that. Just a few reflections...
Green - affected by something. Can't fault him for any of the goal's but he is not at his best right now.
Neill - Zola should forbid him to (try to) cross. 
Tomkins - Made a few mistakes, and the second goal was crucial. And unlucky. Came wrong into the situation and had to chose between to bad choises. Played well thereafter.
Upson - Worst game of the season.
Ilunga - Worst game of the season. Some good thing goin forward though.
Behrami - I can't recognise him after his spell at the sidelines. May have more time to rebuild himself cause this was not good. Booked which was stupid as well, as he will be suspended.
Parker - One of our better players and fought really, really hard and also had our best chance of the game. Gave his all, but he needs to find a better understanding with his teammates and tries sometimes so much that he gives the ball away instead of make an easier choice.
Kovac - Rough start. Gave away the ball two times in the beginning where it's crucial not to and also gave away the freekcick that Downing handled so well (so bad....). But grew during his debut and I was quite pleased with him at the end (which lastes til the 70th minute)
Noble - Invisible. Started the game even if we heard that he had a knock against Bolton. Maybe he should have rested.
Sears - Back to the Gym!
Cole - Had a very ungrateful task. Not good, but one of our best players tonight.

Collison - Not good today.. no. Wasted some good opportunities.
Di Michele - Sad to say: Totally useless. And he had promised us two goals! And I certainly don't like his acting to get a spotkick. This is not Italian football! Gave away he ball far to much.
Tristan - Well, let's just say that he is pretty far away from starting a game for us.

So now Zola/Clarke is in deep sh*t again? Well... yes. Another game on Sunday and we do really have to rebuild the confidence again. Quick as hell. We do also have to find a way to rebuild our steem and a way to play football! Get the ideas, and then get them to work! Three days to go!

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