The quote that gives me happy tears

"It's not my nature to walk out om something that has only just begun".

The words are Zolas, and he gave them when he was asked if he was to replace Scolari at the helm of Chelsea. The Brazilian coach seems doomed, but the old hero of Chelsea is now West Ham's.

It tells us that Zola and Nani - and hopefully Clarke – just have begun their journey, to make the team something special. It's a long-term trip and not just a stepping stone. We are all aware that Chelsea probably means something special for our Italian, but now we know that our biggest asset will stay here - unless the board goes folly - even if Chelsea and Abramovich jangle with their money. Because Zola is an intelligent man and a man to trust.

Quoting Mirror: "My main concern is to do well here and repay the faith West Ham and their
supporters have shown in me". 
We all knew that Franco is a special and trustworthy man, but it's always good to hear it from the horse's mouth. And he reminds us, which i think is very important, that what they are doin here is a long-term project. Springtime for West Ham... I hope.

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Farbror the Guru said...

Well, it is my duty to be gumpy and the quote you presented is a not-to-far cousine of "The Board has complete confidence in our manager" which tend to be a coded alarm signal for "Go look for a new job"