What’s wrong with Herita’s deal?

One of the most important events of the transfer window passed suspiciously under commented. We apparently made a permanent deal with Herita Ilunga and Toulouse that will go into effect when the current loan deal is over. There are even figures flying around even if they differ a bit. But the only word about this on the official site is a sentence buried in a post called “Squad ready for a challenge” where Scott Duxbury says ”Having also exercised the option to keep Herita Ilunga at the club long-term, we are very happy with the business we have done”.
On Herita’s own blog there is not a word on the subject, bar the comments from West Ham fans congratulating him on the permanent deal, but not a word from the man himself.
Toulouse’s official site is also totally quiet about the deal, and even though my French is somewhat limited, Herita’s name should be the same and it’s nowhere to be found in posts from the last part of January and up till now.

I can’t find a good reason for this silence. This is a situation where Duxbury usually excels, he should have grabbed this opportunity to present himself as the “fixer of things” by at least a handshake pic on the homepage but a measly half a sentence is all he produced!

Is this some administrative nonsense or is the deal just almost finished or what gives?
A comment from the club is due!

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