Ambani to take over?

The World's 6th richest man, the Indian Anil Ambani has according to reports been seen at Heathrow. Well, I guess he is a common guest to the biggest airports around the globe. But still, there is now renewed rumours that he came to meet our East End boys. And that he will use some of his money to purchase West Ham. The 49-year old telecom-capitalist has earlier said that he was interested to buy Tottenham. But as West Ham now is for sale, and of course has a much bigger potential that Scum ever will, there may be something to this story. I guess if this do have any substance, Zola do not have to worry any longer who to sell and buy. Abanis money will make it possible to be a top club. If the Indian wants to. And we (!?). But I'm sure I've heard those word's of promise before. Being a top club... At least I don't think Eggert ever made it to the cover of Time.

It's not the first time he has been connected with a takeover of West Ham, as you can see here.

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