HAPPY Boxing day!

So Happy aren't we? Both Bellamy and Cole scored and young Collison as well, we came from behind and we won!!! So important! For Zola, for our players, for us! Three points already this Christmas Weekend. Four goals, the first time since the Blackburn game in August. Can we hope for another threepointer on Sunday?? Well, for now... let's stay HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

Green 8 - Some crucial saves. And as I said sometime earlier, he is so good at spot-kicks that when the opponent sees that Green is goin in the right direction they try to curl it a little bit further, with the result that they shoot ouside the post. Maybe that's not the reason every time, but most of'em.
Neill 5.5 - No, not his game. Had hard times to cope on his flank and even if the decision to award Crouch a spotkick when Neill hold him was harsh, or even wrong, it is of no surprise that Neill was involved. Taken of after 45, due to injury.
Davenport 7 - A bit unpolished at times, but had a good game overall.
Upson 8 - Played like the national team player he is. Solid as a bank safe. As opposed to some games lately he did not fell into Green's lap, but went up with "his" player far in front of the box, which for me seems better. At least if the other backs know what to do in those moments. 
Ilunga 6.5 - Kept his flank clean, lost the ball twice, but fought and won the ball back on both occasions. More offensive runs than lately. Which is good too.
Behrami 6 - Not as impressive today as lately, but did not seem to be affected by the injury from the Villa-game. Runs as usual, but lack's a bit of confidence when he actually has the ball. Sometimes when he dribbles I think LBM is on the field.
Parker 8 - Lovely defensive game, one of his better in our shirt. Fought really hard and won so many tackles and loose balls as well. No small-talk here. Bang! Still miss a bunch of offensive passes.
Noble 6 - A bit weak once more. A bit to often he runs in no-man's-land. Did not offer the back for help enough and did not make much of his corner's. A bit hard really, because I want him to be a force on our field, and I think he should be there. But need's to step up a bit. At least from this game.
Collison 7.5 - This young man has really grown in the last month's. Scored his second, set another one up, played with confidence and offered much both ways. Shot one in the woodwork. I'm really impressed once more!
Cole 7 - Had less long ball's from the defence to try to win, which improved his game over-all. Found Bellamy better and fought relly hard. Was able to hold the ball up. Missed some good passes as well, but what the heck... he scored again! Not his hardest, but at least he was there in the box. I think he had learnt from Zola in recent weeks.
Bellamy 9 - Well, he missed a sitter and a couple of passes, but with his pace and - not the least - his Energy! he surely must be one of the better players in the PL this round. Scored twice, made his team look good. And we can't sell him now can we? His best game for us ever. So far.

Faubert 6.5 - Came on at halftime. Solid game at the back, and I like his "patented" crosses. When they work. Nothing special, but a good game. I also like to see him playing with Behrami, they have found some common understanding.
Boa Morte 7 - Well, I give him a good mark, for the few minute's he played. IF someone doesn't have more time, they don't. But set up Bellamy's second with a wonderful pass, and helped the team over-all.
Tristan - Played just a few minute's but if he will play against Stoke, I do wonder if he can cope with the pace? Regarding these few minute's I doubt. Had a wonderful fire of a shot. So we all know that he can truble any goalkeeper.

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