Tristan trusted!

It's interesting to watch the players after a goal.
I certainly don't mean the daft and ”rehearsed" celebrations, the ring kissing, the God-pointing (or Mum-pointing), the (sometimes so obviously) hypocritical badge kissing or that cradle nonsense, not to mention the corner pole dancing.

However, what happens right after a goal may tell us something about what is going on in a team.
Sometimes you see some big ego player running alone toward the corner post after a dead simple tap in, not even bothering to recognise the brilliant pass that made it possible, and sometimes you see someone really making sure that everybody recognises were the credit should go by ducking the other team mates to find the "brain" behind the goal.

After Tristans goal, a ball deflected off his legs, everybody jumped him almost as if he had pulled some great magic number. Tristan must really be appreciated by his team mates since everybody were genuinely happy for him. Cole, a player under a lot pf pressure lately, showed no grudge either, proving that he may be at least as big a person as he is a striker.

If a player of Tristans pedigree has made himself this popular even when he has not been played, who on the bench can be complaining!

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Hakan said...

An interesting observation. Post-scoring behaviour has in fact been the subject of scientific research (http://hakanrylander.wordpress.com/2008/12/07/scientists-worried-by-vidic/). On this evidence it seems that WH will definitely finish in the top half.