More Happiness!

I'd like to thank Ricardo Fuller today! Not mainly for the three points. Because, it's not easy to play against a team with ten players who defend like an handball team, but Ricardo Fullers action today will at least ease the shame our player's Bowyer and Dyer (probably) still feel, when people are talking about fighting footballer's. From now on everyone will name Fuller instead.

• As I was unable to attend or see the game today (but the goals: and Tristan is NOT off-side(!), Cole did very well with his first and Collins should let his hair grow back, so he can start to think again! Awful miss at Faye's goal) I am unable to give the players any marks. So instead I'm just enjoying our six points this Christmas weekend. And all of a sudden we are tenth!
Can't see us fall down to the relegation zone again. (Except if BG is stupid enough to sell our players.) Good day's work!

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