Unluck. Villa won on a goal they did not deserve. They were very, very lucky. West ham did one of the better games this term. At least at home. So  we were unlucky then? Partly. But it's not just unluck when you loose these kind of matches. Cole could have had three (or even four), Bellamy two and Davenport three. So 8-1 to us! 
If if not was if...

You do really have to score those vital goals, cause if you do not - you will end up losing this kind of games. We will probably celebrate Christmas on place 18. So Championship next? Can hardly see that with this kind of play we showed today. And one day Bellamy and Cole will start to score. Believe me. Or why should you?
They both played well until....  We were the better team, if we don't get to pissed today, we may get six points out of our next two games.

Green 8 - Really nice double-save in the dying minutes of the first half. But not much tested during the 90.
Neill 7.5 - Unlucky scoring the own goal. Quite impressive during the game and actually played like a Captain! (The picture shows when Neill was unlucky last time!)
Davenport 6 - Three good opportuniteis to score - two with his head. Not as good as against Chelsea, a bit fragile but OK.
Upson 7 - Did not have to do much in his own box, I do want more initiative. To dictate more in defensive and show a little more in the offensive. No mistakes
Ilunga 7.5 - Great game again. Takes big responsibilty, showed nice glimpses in offense, and played calm in defense. Nice little trikes as well. The pass to Bellamy was delicious.
Collison 7.5 - Great game again. Will soon be hard to place on the bench again. More of a offensive threat than any other of our midfielders today. Shows no respect... and that is a good start.
Parker 4.5 - As good as he was against Chelsea as bad was he today. He may have been ill? Cause he was taken of at halftime after a couple of lousy passes. The worst was right in the path of Ashley Young who free with Green should have scored.
Noble 6.5 - Fought hard and did not give Berry and the others on the guest's midfield any peace. The heart of our game today, but still disappear's during periods.
Behrami 6 - Also a fighter. And was better on the wing today than in the middle of the park where he stroll's a lot. 
Cole 6 - Three or four great chances today. But Friedel made to great saves, one was misplaced and one was the "ordinary Cole". But besides that he had a good game with his feet, ran well and found opportunites to do fins his teeammates or to thing's with the ball. Well, not scoring then....
Bellamy 6.5 - Two great chances today, some passes could have been better. But always a threat with his run's. Until the goalline then... I guess he will not be beset with his missed opportunites as Cole will be though. 

Mullins 5 - Came in at halftime. Right then we started to play the best 15-20 minute's of the game. So in a way he allowed the other three on the midfield more free reins. That's nice. But I was not impressed otherwise.
Bowyer 5 - Some energy maybe, but he came on when Behrami was hurt and I don't see him as a PL-player no more.
Tristan - Was just given 7 + 4 minutes. Too little too late.

We all know it by now: We have problems, we can't score. Bellamy have made two all season, Cole three with soooooo many opportunites. At least Zamora has only scored one! If you do not score you will never win games. Still. The game against Tottenham was a failure. But otherwise we play much more like a team in these last games. Zola started too optimistic, tunred back to a more careful way, but from there we seems to play a bit more offensive football again. And we play quite well. Collison and Noble seems to be important to that kind of game. I really think we can and will conquer the demon's on Boxing day. 

With or without Cole and Bellamy. Tristan or Sears.


Joppe - said...

Good post again, but I think you are a bit restrictive with the ratings and harsh in the judgements. We outplayed Villa, placed 4th in the table (before this game). Surely we couldn't have been that bad? The lack scoring ability sucks, can't argue with you there...

Prince H said...

Ok. You may be right. But apart from Parker the average mark is seven out of ten. That is pretty good I think.
And yes, we were much better than Villa, but they were not that impressive I think. They were just lucky. You can argue that we made them look bad, and partly yes. Buyt they did not have a great game either. Look at Agbonlahor and Berry, they are usually better than they showed.
But as I said before, we will bury Crouch and Defoe. And win the game!