Coleoscopy - Chelsea away edition

Since the discussion about Coles pros and cons is quite vivid and stuff is said about him that I cannot really agree on, I have set out to get some numbers on his performance.
These numbers obviously also reflects the way he is used, and I am more than aware that these kinds of summaries do not give us the complete picture.
I have collected numbers from his last 3 games and will present them shortly but I will post this now as a post game analysis.
Discuss if you wish, disregard if you want. Variables described below.

Headers won 8, lost 4

Head to teammate 3

Feet won 10 lost 9

Attacking with feet 5 (out of the 10 won)

Shots on or off 3 (including that ball that hit him just in front of the goal)

He wasn't used as much as a long ball receiver today, maybe because of the increased creativity on the midfield, so he headed the ball less than in previous games. His success rate, 3 out of 12,(meaning the amount of headers that turns into something positive) is approximately his average.
Today he surprised me by not losing the ball as soon as he had it at his feet, and tried to attack with it more than usual. Or is that my misconception of him...

Headers - hardly needs explanation. "won indicates all plays with his head, "lost means that somebody beat him in a duel.

Head on - headers that are directed to team mates or areas where a teammate should have been (I have given Cole the benefit of the doubt)

Feet - if he used his feet to deliver the ball to a teammate or a shot it's a "won", if he lost the ball to the opponents it's a "lost"

Attacking feet - if he played an attacking ball (Cole gets benefit of the doubt)

(Disclaimer - obviously I have missed one or two, nothing substantial I'm sure)

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