I am in denial!

After a first half where we for once had some possession and used the entire pitch, we decided to go back to our hailed "team effort" football as was seen at Anfield last week.
Basically the theory behind that seems to be to give the initiative to the other team and show off our present trade mark lack of a passing game and returning the ball as soon as we recover it.

After 30 minutes of not having the ball in the second half Zola decides on Di Michele!
We're not lacking a striker (oh well actually we are, but that's not relevant tonight) we are lacking people that are able to build an attack and feed the strikers (and then we probably need a striker).

If Di Michele had scored instead of hitting the only thing between him and the goal line, Zola would have looked like a genius but to me it was a lousy call. Get Collison in and Mullins out when there were still some time on the clock.


IronFist said...

Why dont you just admit you havent got a clue what your talking about, It will still take time for the team to get used to Zola'a Tactics, did you really expect it all to change over night.
You should really support the Spuds as you seem to think nobody is yup to your standard.

Hakan said...

Well IronFist, I'm not so sure that YOU know what you're talking about. That it will take time to get used to Zola's tactics was a relevant comment a couple of months ago, when he had introduced a new 4-3-3-system. But last night, as well as in all recent games, Zola used the 4-4-2-system that is the most common in the Premier League. Shouldn't take too long to get used to.

Joppe - said...

Ironfist, thanks for the input.
Even after a nights sleep I cannot find many possitives in our second half display. The way we handed the midfield over to Tottenham is something you see now and again but has been a recurring sight for West Ham of late.

I think one should call it as one sees it. To reinforce the moral of the team is Zolas job and I think he's in a hurry to do so.