The Energy was back! A great point taken!

I was not the only one who thought that Chelsea would win quite comfortably. Not after West hams act of apathetic display and lack of any energy against Tottenham. But it's like that. West Ham surprises you when you least expect it. 
I wouldn't say Green or our back four was put on the amount of pressure I would have expected for 85 minutes of the game! Why? Because today we had a terrific midfield! And also two strong men up front who also contributed to our terrific defensive play. After Tottenham I wondered if a West Ham midfield really excisted at all, at least they were absymal, now I guess I' have to eat my West Ham underwear for those words. 1-1 at Stamford Bridge! Not bad, not bad at all!! 

Robert Green 7 - Three class saves, one small blunder when Parker saved on the line. But I expected him to have to work harder for the point.
Lucas Neill 6 - Not threatened. Some stupid moves which could have cost us, but once again really OK.
Calum Davenport 7.5 - It was hard to see that it wasn't Collins but Davenport who played today. Which is a good mark. Talked a lot and seemed to take great responsibility. When Chelsaea scored he had to take just one step from Anelka. And that was enough for the attacker. But it's hard to blame Davenport for that, someone had to try to get to Lampard who also made a terrific flick with the ball.
Upson 7.5 - Good performance, not less not more.
Ilunga 7.5 - Had a lot to do with Bosingwa put rarely lost a ball all night, and could even put some pressure going forward sometimes. Against Chelsea! Not bad. Blocked Joe Cole once who was just about to score. 
Jack Collison 7.5 - I really wanted to see him in the field today and I did. And he didn't fail. On the opposite he played against Chelseas as he hadn't done anything else all his life. Good moves, terrific little dribbles as well, and good defensive work. 
Mark Noble 6 - Important contribution. But after his break from football he has some work to do - still - he seemed dogtired after 55 minutes. But of course after a lot of running.
Scott Parker 8.5 - As bad as I saw Parker on Upton Park last Monday as good was he today. Our man of the match!! Lovely! (it seems he likes to play the defensive part in the centre of midfield against really hard teams better, than anything else.)
Valon Behrami 8. This man is in good shape! Can someone tell me how many miles he ran today? Pur a lot of pressure on the Chelsea players. Lovely game from him!
Carlton Cole 6 - Yes, he could and should have been the man who gave us three points today. But two lousy finishes stopped him from that. Still he had a great working rate today and fought tremendously hard. He even made some good moves and was (many more times than usual) able to hold the ball up. Much better today than last displays.
Bellamy 7 - Finally! A goal! Not as visible as against Tottscum, but the goal was well taken and his speed and fighting spirit put a lot of pressure on Alex and the others. Could have been given a penalty if it had been someone else but him.

Subs. Mullins (for Noble), LBM (for Collison) and Di Michele (for Bellamy) played all very short.


Hakan said...

Thanks guys!
On this evidence you will soon start to climb up the table. I agree that Parker was MotM.

Dicks said...

I seem to agree with your "grades" today. However I do think I´d given Neill one on par with the rest of the back four since I think he wasn´t any worse than the others (they made a fantastic display most of the time).

I totally agree about Cole. I think he worked and fought hard. If only he´d make better decisions (and ofcourse, score a little more often;-)) after winning the ball when he gets the chance like he got a lot of times today.

Nice to see Collison again. He really seems like he can make it big time. His performances so far this season has been really really good.