Happy New Year - at least according to Duxbury

Our beloved CEO Scott Duxbury has finally gone official and there is a Q&A published on the official site HERE.
He said what he is supposed to say in the present situation, but to be quite honest I was expecting an even vaguer statement.

This actually strengthens my belief thet there will be no weakening of the squad during the transfer window and as things lie, that's good enough for me.

I may be a bit naive since he has more or less lied to our faces previously, but now the credibility of Zola, Clarke and Nani is connected with these "promises" so it is a bit harder to do a 180 this time.

And for the sake of clarity I'll state the obvious: I don't think there are any untouchables in the squad. For the right money, go ahead and sell if an improvement is lined up.
I'd hate to see our young talents go, but since that won't happen we don't have to worry about that.


Prince H said...

Happy new year!

Joe J said...

Ho Ho Ho... Happy New Year from C'Mon Yu Irons! Blog!!!