The Captain leads by example

The Times claims that our captain, Lucas Neill is demanding improved terms to extend his stay with us, a stay that according to the running contract ends this summer.
Neill, one of the highest if not the highest earner at the club at a claimed £70000 a week, pushes his luck or at least pushes his way out of the team.

We all know that there is no chance that the current board will agree to this.
Their aim, for the last year, has been to reduce the wage bills and the board will not let Lucas wreck that project.
Obviously Neill knows this and since he will not be offered anything close to his current salary anywhere else, the only explanation must be that he is forcing his way out of the club, he plainly wants out.
To get something out of this the club will have to let him go this January, if a decent offer is tabled.

As a true captain he is abandoning the ship first...

Please tell me Times got it wrong, but it seems like the Times have a decent record of getting these board related things right.

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