Point or points?

A new game in a couple of hours, but few news - except for those tabloids who think we will sell every good player we have next week. 
SO what team will figure today? I guess we will start with what we have in manpower. And that is not Sears. He may be on as a substitute, but I hardly see him start against those fullbacks who more look like Belgian Blue cattle than nice little footballers. And Tristan? No, he will begin against Stoke, when Bellamy will rest. But not now - cause he will be too hard treated in a game like this. So yes, it's Bellamy and Cole up front. Whatever you may say...  Cole is the one who must fight hard against the tough and rough Porstmouth players and it's Bellamy who will have to run in eights round Campell.
And the rest of the team? I guess Davenport will continue even if Collins is fit, but after a couple of weeks out as a back... But even if they had some defects in last game, Zola won't leave hard fighting midfield players like Behrami or Parker out. They may be needed today.
Even if I would like to see much more pace and much more width - like players like Ethers/Lopez and Faubert can give us – and even if I like to see Collins start, I think these eleven men will show up:
Neill - Davenport - Upson - Illunga
Collison - Parker - Noble - Behrami
Cole - Bellamy

As Portmouth has dry gunpowder up front, but lacks much in midfield, not at least now when Diarra has been sold, I go for a narrow Hammers-win. We play quite well away from home and I think Noble will score his first in ages....

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