This was a rumour that I was eagerly waiting for.
According to the Mirror (OK, I know...), Scott Duxbury (OK, I know...) has talked to key players in the squad assuring them there will be no "fire sale" this January.

Robert Green, presumably a T-ham target, said: "We've been assured as senior players that there won't be a fire sale.
That's something the "Duck" has to tell the players, whether he intends to sell or not, just to keep key players from demanding a transfer.
But this is also the reason for me trusting the rumour, if the Club indeed starts to sell regular starters, the rest of the most important players will start an exodus by themselves requesting and pursuing transfers, and that the club cannot have.

Zola has repeatedly threatened to quit if the Club do sell, what he considers, the important players and even though these comments have been somewhat softened lately, they are still firm enough for me to believe Zola thinks there will be no such "asset stripping".

We will se some "sellable" players go during the window, but I believe the backbone of the team will be intact, and the quality of the squad will be no worse come February 3:rd.

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