Is there a future after all?

Now how about this!
West Ham is linked with a BUY of a decent player!
OK, so the news was really that we have failed in the bid, but still. If the agent isn't just full of it, it tells us that we show some activity in the transfer market after all!

The quote from Sentana is: West Ham have failed in a bid to sign Inter midfielder Luis Jimenez, according to the player’s agent.
It could be interpreted in several ways, but I fail to find one that is worrying.

But he certainly sounds like a West Ham transfer since he has been out for most of the season so far...


Hakan said...

Joppe, I'm delighted to see you back in the transfer rumour quagmire. What are your thoughts on Elano?

Joppe - said...

Cheers, I think I'll focus on the failed bids...

Elano tends to be hit or miss. Either he has a very good game or he is totally absent (but I haven't seen him that much this season) so we would need someone more consistent alongside him.

If we were certain that Parker had his off-days when Elano was on, I'd say... perhaps.