A good understanding?

"We´ve got a good understanding together/.../"

At least that´s what Carlton Cole thinks about his partnership up front with fellow striker Craig Bellamy. His feeling is totally contradicting what I´ve seen when I watched them play together this season. Their understanding is nowhere to be seen!

He continues to talk about the partnership and how to develop it "Once we´ve worked on our relationship then I think we can enjoy success if we start getting more chances. /.../"

If my memory doesn´t fail me I´ve read these kind of statements before from CC. It was last year from Christmas and onwards when he and Dean Ashton played together quite a lot and they didn´t seem to be able to connect.

Fair enough that he wants to work on it but how long is it supposed to take to be able to understand each other? How hard and difficult could it be? And what have they actually been doing on the Chadwell Heath before? Answers on a postcard...

It makes me wonder...