Santa Will Come!

A Merry Christmas to all Hammers out there!

Last night I dreamt that our defence let loads of goal's in against Stoke! And it was only deflections - all of' em. Well it doesn't matter, cause this night was before Christmas Eve, and we all know Father Christmas will come as our saviour. For that reason we will take six points out of our next two games. 

So: Happy Christmas to Hammers all around the world!

PS: It's Santa to the right, and Lee Bowyer on the left.


Joppe - said...

Thanks! and the same to you!!
3 kids and Chrismas on it's way keeps me off the blog, but I'll return right after the Cole hattrick against Stoke!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Sam H said...

so your never coming back then joppe?!

Merry christmas, keep up the good work

Sam H
West Ham Process

Joppe - said...

He he :) Since you're begging on your bare knees, Sam, I feel compelled to return.