Hey Mister - I can score!

The reserve game played Thursday was staged to give our long term absentees Dyer and Spector some long awaited action.
I can't help nourishing a naive hope that the return of Dyer will be the rebirth of the West Ham midfield.

However, the most important thing coming out of that game can very well be the return of Sears to the starting lineup.
Maybe not for the Chelsea game, I can't see Zola putting Cole on the bench for this one, but scoring two goals in front of the manager, when the focus was supposed to be on someone else, cannot be bad.
We are desperate for a player that has scored outside practice, even though they played an inexperienced American XI.
Sears and Bellamy had some pretty good things going on during Coles 3 match ban, and they deserve another shot at it.

Another positive is that Collison seems also to have had a good game, and it could be enough to force his way back into the team, again I think Zola will settle for Hayden's defensive style again against Chelsea, despite his shortcomings (but he had a decent first half against T-ham).

That reserve game can have been what was needed to persuade the manager that Sears and Collison are more than our future!

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Prince H said...

I do hope that Collison will start even if I doubt it. Mullins "decent half" against Tottenham was built by touching the ball for about five times and being unable to play any friend in claret and blue in front of him at any time. Won't rock any team would it?

I do hope that Zola in midweek not only have practised goalscoring but also some play out on the wings. Haven't seen any good play on our flanks from the midfielders since Ethers 2007. Playin some balls from the wings would also help Cole. Pale against Tottenham, very pale, but noone can ask anyone to always collect the long balls from Collins in the centre. It's to easy to defend and would certainly fit Terry.