Are we square?

Why on earth do the new shirt have a big blue box/square on the chest, instead of just the white letters?? Either becuase we try to print on the old XL-shirts or maybe becuase we want to win the important competition "The ugliest shirt in PL"?? 
I started to follow West Ham as an 8-year-old, not only but partly because of the teams beautiful shirts. But that was decades ago. I was very disappointed with the ugly XL - ones. But thought that we couldn't top them when it came to "misdesigned" shirts. Well, I was wrong.

See why Noble doesn't look happy here


Sam H said...

i couldn't agree with you more - they look awful

i think the reason they have made them look like this is so that fan's get get their 'upgrade' in the shops by simply sticking the new logo ovver the top - there is no way I will be doing that and there is no way I can see myself bying a new shirt until that logo is sorted out

maybe we are just too hard to please but for all I care i wouldn't have taken much to please us in this case, and they still haven't managed it!

Joppe - said...

You're more than likely right Sam. A XL shirt with a SOBET logo on top will be a collectors item one day so maybe go to the "Mega"store after all...