SBOBET - you bet!

Finally a shirt sponsor!

SBOBET, an asian on-line betting site finally struck a deal with us, rumoured to be worth 2.5 million pounds and lasting until the end of the 2009/2010 season.

I grew attached to the number plates but they also felt like a constant reminder of our economic state - a plate of shame...

SBOBET were implicated in some matchfixing business but were, as I under stand it, only the tool of the match fixers.
A really pleasant surprise was the possibility for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research to figure on the kits of the academy sides and junior replica shirts. I wish I could fit into those sizes!

NB the pic (photoshoped) is courtesy of Hammer9 at KUMB and is his guess what the shirt may look like.

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Joppe - said...

One wishes Hammer 9 had been right...